Thursday, April 23, 2009

Links to ALL of our services

If you want to know more about ALL of our services please check the list below:

1. For Toltec Shamanism working with the Assemblage Point:

2. For Biomagnetism or Magnet Therapy for health and well being:

3. For the shiftinNRG™ Method for change:

4. For services with the EBPro or Foot Bath:

5. For Biomagnetism in Spanish:
6. For this site in Spanish:

About Health Psychology

Our work as clinicians branched out to be involved in health psychology and health medicine, creating a model focused on health and wellness, working with the strength of the individual always using a HOLISTIC - INTEGRATIVE approach to healing .
To help you understand our approach, here are some important terms in Health Psychology:

Biopsychosocial-spiritual model
Health and illness are guided by a combination of biological, social, spiritual and psychological factors.

Positive Psychology
Optimism is linked to a quicker recovery from illness.

Complementary approaches to health and healing
Linked to complementary medicine,approaches as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and energy work among others, can be used to help and complement a comprehensive model for health and healing.


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